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The Utopian Cult

The Utopian Cult began in like 1997 or so as an IRC chatroom on coolchat.net,created with a WebTV.
I formed it for the purpose of meeting the interesting and different types of people out there on the internet. I was surely not dissapointed because we had many very interesting conversations about just about everything you could imagine. The best part isI met a girl in the room, and she got on a bus, and came to live with me! We moved from Ohio to Arakansas, and stayed there for about a year and we formed a WebTV group called the HTML-Mizfitz. Together we did amazing things that you weren't supposed to be able to do with WebTV. We had a "Social Network" before Myspace, and before Facebook! Also we used "The Cloud" to store our files, and webpages we built. WebTV coould notdownload anything,so we used free webspace to store our stuff. This url is probably the oldest webpage I still have on tripod.com, an early free web-host from way back.

Anyways, just some background on the Utopian Cult and what it's all about.